The idea of making videos interactive keeps us for a little less than a year in his spell. Just imagine, you are watching a skate video and you control wich stunt comes next. Or a quiz in which everyone is allowed to take a guess.

If a picture is worth a thousand words and a video more than one million, then imagine how many words can tell an interactive video!

What is invio?

From now on, interactive videos are called „INVIO“. You are not only creating your invios in a flash but you are also sharing those directly with your friends. You can create invios together with your friends from several places at the same time - where ever you are.
Do you need an audience? Easy.. Already Done! Share your invio directly on the invio platform and get properly celebrated. Because with invio you are perfectly connected and able to see your friends shares. And statistics show you at any time the number of clicked options. That way you have everything in view. With invio your audience is always with you.